Youth Environmental Summit (YES!)

YESYes!, or the Youth Environmental Summit , is a camp for Alaska Native children from Kindergarten through 8th Grade to come together for three days of fun, hands-on learning about environmental issues impacting our communities. Students throughout the region are invited to participate in knowledge and skill building activities, free of charge.

The summit is an effort of ANTHC’s Community and Environmental Health program. Rural Alaska communities are changing. Shifts in social, economic and environmental conditions are affecting individual health and quality of life for Alaska Native people. ANTHC works with the Tribal health system, government at the local and regional level, and public and private organizations to understand local changes and to develop strategies that encourage wellness, resilience and sustainability.

Your donations to the Youth Environmental Summit make it possible for the Foundation to support an annual camp for children from across the state to learn about our changing environment. The 2016 Yes! was held in

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