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With constant changes throughout life and especially over the last year, feeling grounded is now a priority for many. There are countless benefits to practicing creative skills and passing those traditions on. Many Alaska Native people across the state have passed beading patterns, styles, and techniques providing a sense of individual and community support systems. A sense of community is more important now than ever.

Thanks to our generous donors, the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation (HANF) is sponsoring a statewide beading project in Spring 2021 with the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s (ANTHC) Behavioral Health Program.

Amelia Simeonoff, program associate with the ANTHC Behavioral Health Aide (BHA) Program is leading the project to bring communities together for healing by teaching families how to bead and reconnect as a community. Simeonoff, who is a traditional healer, will work with BHA staff in over 80 Alaska communities. Simeonoff is coordinating beading supplies and training to share with the people who live in their community.

“Practicing my culture through beading has always been my passion,” Simeonoff explained. “Sharing my traditional practices has positive long lasting impacts on behavioral health outcomes in Alaska Native communities.”

Funding for this new and exciting project was made possible by generous donors supporting HANF’s Area of Greatest Need Fund. This fund allows for quick response to needs of Alaska Native people throughout the Alaska Native Tribal Health System (ATHS).

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Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation’s Purpose

The Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation’s (HANF’s) purpose is to support Alaska Native people, Tribes and Tribal Health Organizations in pursuit of Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s (ANTHC’s) vision that Alaska Native people are the healthiest in the world. HANF does this through fundraising and grant making in support of Alaska Native people under four initiatives:

  • Area of Greatest Need

  • Healthy Kids includes areas such as child life specialists, camps, family and birthing services, and toy funds for Alaska Native Children.

  • Healthy Communities includes areas such as community wellness and prevention, dental healthy, elder care, and healthy homes.

  • Healthy Patients includes areas such as behavioral health, cancer care, palliative care, emergency clothing, and education.

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