Our Vision

The Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation works tirelessly to raise awareness and funding to further the vision of the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium: For Alaska Native people to be the healthiest people in the world.

Through targeted initiatives and in the spirit of working together to raise awareness and funding, the Foundation will help provide the resources and tools necessary to achieve individual and community health objectives. All are invited to join in this endeavor.

Foundation in Focus: 3 Key Initiatives

While the Foundation addresses a wide variety of health and wellness challenges, efforts and funding will focus on three key initiatives:

1. Health Care Improvements

Cancer, heart disease, unintentional injuries, suicide, and stroke are the leading causes of death for Alaska Native people.


2. Wellness and Prevention

To keep Alaska Natives healthy in body, mind and spirit, and to avert the high costs of hospital-based care, HANF supports healthy communities through education, program development and promotion of health-conscious lifestyles.


3. Healthy Village Environments

Hepatitis A, bronchitis, impetigo and meningitis are widespread in rural Alaska, where many villages remain without clean water and sanitation.


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