Traditional Pregnancy & Infant Feeding Guide

Traditional Preg & Infant Feeding page picA child’s first introduction to food binds him or her through taste and smell to their culture. 

The Traditional Pregnancy & Infant Feeding Guide  focuses on Mother and Baby’s health before, during, and after pregnancy. Native knowledge and modern science tell us that the food a mother eats while carrying her child can lead to that child’s lifelong food preferences. One example is salmon strips in the Alaska Native Culture. The strips are traditionally given to teething infants, giving them a taste for healthy food from the start, and also providing a nutritious food with high protein and omega-3 fatty acid content.  Recent studies show that protein should be among the first foods introduced to infants.  This is consistent with the way Alaska Native and American Indian people have introduced solid foods to infants for thousands of years.  Furthermore, studies are now showing that prenatal and infant introduction of omega-3 fatty acids has a positive correlation to higher brain functioning.

The guide will create a desire for the healthy foods and activities that will have a positive impact on Alaska Native health outcomes for the entire life spectrum.  It will also have a positive impact on Native peoples’ connectivity with their culture and their environment.

In addition to the Guide book there will be webisodes and social media produced by The Store Outside Your Door.  These will highlight the 7 major cultural regions of Alaska, the unique foods and traditional practices of maternal-child health. Together the book and webisodes/social media will provide “What to Expect when you are Expecting” instruction that is culturally appropriate for Alaska Native Families.  The instruction will also include subjects on self-care, safety issues, breastfeeding as infants’ first food, traditional food recipes and medicines, stress management/exercise, and clinical topics related to pregnancy.

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