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SOYD DVD cover3“Healthy Alaska Native people live off the land.”

The mission of the Store Outside Your Door is to “Promote foods which are hunted, fished, gathered, or grown in Alaska as the healthiest option for the Alaska Native diet.”

The Store Outside Your Door (SOYD) began in 2010 address food and nutrition security and its connection to chronic diseases through the promotion traditional food. The program helps link traditional foods with reinforcing the wisdom in our many cultures and languages.

From 1995 to 2010, there was a 136% increase in diabetes among Alaska Native people (Alaska Native Medical Center Diabetes Registry, 2010).

We highlight successful hunters, fishermen, gatherers, and share Elder wisdom.  We understand that our traditional and customary foods are more than just nutrition. They are connected to our culture, our way of knowing, and encompass mind/body wellness.  We work with Alaska Native families through workshops, written materials, and creation of webisodes, social media, so children can grow up with healthy local foods. We feature local community gardening/farming initiatives, Farmer’s Markets and the Farm to School program.

SOYD Objectives:

  • Promote culturally appropriate hunting, fishing, gathering, and growing in the State of Alaska.
  • Positively affect the health outcomes of Alaska Native people by reducing incidence of obesity, diabetes, and other preventable chronic diseases.
  • Reduce dependency on store bought foods.

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