Alaskan Plants as Food and Medicine

Alaskan Plants page pic 1The goal of the Alaskan Plants as Food and Medicine Symposium (APFMS) is to bring stakeholders and learners together to promote traditional plant knowledge and ethical harvesting. As the reliance upon imported foods has increased over recent generations and as educational dynamics have shifted, a gap in the knowledge, skills, and practice related to Alaskan plants as food and medicine has widened.

By using Alaskan plants as food and medicine among Alaska Native communities, families will once again:

  • Have a higher intake of nutrient dense foods,
  • Engage in higher levels of physical activity,
  • Enjoy improved mental health (by connecting with culture and environment, and by increasing self-sufficiency), and
  • Sustain more natural resources.

ANTHC operates with the belief that the answers to our communities’ challenges lie in the communities themselves. We promote dialogue with indigenous knowledge and facilitation methods. Alaska Native elders and traditional healers have guided the development of the APFMS  from the beginning.

The 3rd Annual Alaskan Plants as Food and Medicine Symposium will take place in the Anchorage area in the early fall of 2014. We strive for a statewide reach, and encourage participation from a diverse range of community roles; traditional healers, medical providers, public health educators and researchers, instructors, culture/language bearers, elders and youth, tribal leaders, traditional hunter/gatherers, policy makers, lands management officials.

Symposium Objectives:

  • List ways Alaskan plants can be used as food and medicine
  • Understand the cultural significance of Alaskan plants  for health and well-being
  • Describe ways to respectfully gather, process, prepare, store, use, and distribute Alaskan plants
  • Discuss how to be respectful of traditional plant knowledge
  • Encourage the use and protection of local food resources in a way that will benefit future generations

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