Alaska Tribal Injury Prevention

Kake, AlaskaThe ANTHC Injury Prevention program is committed to reducing the burden of injury among Alaska Native people by working with Alaska’s tribal health organizations to develop innovative and culturally appropriate injury prevention programs.

The core values of the Alaska Tribal Injury Prevention efforts are:

  • Evidenced-based
  • Collaboration
  • Community-focused

Each year, Tribal Injury Prevention Directors meet at ANTHC for a planning meeting to provide regional updates and determine the current priorities for prevention.

The current injury prevention priorities (based on statewide data) are:Captain and crew in float coats

  • Suicide and suicide attempts
  • Elder falls
  • Drowning deaths

Some of the services that the Injury Prevention Program provides its customers include:

  • technical support
  • Injury Prevention Training
  • Assistance in identifying resources
  • Data collection, analysis, and interpretation
  • Injury prevention advocacy
  • Development of community coalitions

Training to encourage children to FOCUS on Safetyinjuryprevention:

The Alaska FOCUS on Safety Curriculum is an education standards-based injury prevention curriculum appropriate for all school-age children (primary focus grades K-8) in rural Alaska. It covers topics such as fire safety, hypothermia prevention, ATV/snowmachine safety, falls prevention, hunting safety, poison prevention, and pedestrian safety. You can get more information, order the curriculum book, or register for a one credit-hour graduate level course for teachers by visiting our FOCUS on Safety webpage.