You can help create healthy village environments

Donations to the Healthy Village Environments Fund support one of the the key initiatives of the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation.work2

It’s simple – cleaner living conditions lead to improved health status. Diseases such as Hepatitis A, bronchitis, impetigo and meningitis are widespread in rural Alaska, where as many of one-third of our more than 200 rural village many villages remain without clean water and sanitation services. Lack of running water in the home is linked to severe respiratory infections, skin infections, diarrheal and other diseases. And, seventy-five percent (75%) of all hospitalizations for Alaska Native/American Indian children are due to respiratory problems, and they are the second-leading cause of child deaths worldwide where communities lack adequate sanitation facilities

Our general Healthy Village Environments Fund supports a broad array of programs that support statewide efforts addressing healthy village environments from bringing health to the homes of our rural Alaska communities through clean water and sanitation to energy innovations in rural infrastructure, community environmental health such as industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety and infection control, health facilities engineering for planning, upgrades and improvements to rural clinics, and support for tribal utility programs.

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