It’s a wonderful feeling to help someone heal.

surgery-photoWhen you donate to one of the Funds for Healthy Patients you are doing far more than giving money. You are offering comfort to a person going through surgery, helping children get the medicine they need, strengthening cancer care at the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC), improving the quality of healthcare for Alaskans, helping children deal with the loss of a loved one, providing education to doctors and helping parents fly with their children who are traveling far from home for treatment.

You are helping someone heal. And that is exactly what Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation is all about.

The Foundation serves Alaskans of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but the majority of people who are positively affected by our funds are Alaska Native. There are a number of health risks and conditions that impact Alaska Native people at rates much higher than other American ethnic groups, including diabetes, alcoholism, obesity and suicide.

Our goal is for Alaska Native people to be the healthiest people in the world. Your donation will help us get closer to achieving that goal.

Please read through our funds and donate to one that is close to your heart.

ANMC Emergency Department Clothing Fund

ANMC Cancer Care Fund

ENT & Ophthamology Clinic Fund

Health Education Fund (knowledge for providers & patients)

Palliative Care Fund

Surgical Services Fund

Thank you.