You have the power to improve a child’s life

Kids fundsBy giving to one of the Funds for Healthy Kids, you can help provide for the emotional needs of children dealing with health challenges. Whether they are undergoing surgery, coping with the loss of a loved one or facing a painful, life-limiting condition, your help enables the Healthy Alaska Natives Foundation to meet their needs.

We serve Alaskans of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but one of our main focuses is to help Alaska Native people who live in small, rural communities and are affected by a number of health risks and conditions at higher rates than other groups.

Our goal is for Alaska Native people to be the healthiest people in the world. Your donation to a Fund for Healthy Kids will help us accomplish that goal by supporting a program that serves the most vulnerable people of all: children.

Learn more about the funds and donate to one that touches your heart. Whichever fund you choose, know that your donation will help us bring a smile to a child who really needs it.

ANMC Family Birthing Services Fund (OB & Maternal Services)

ANMC Pediatrics Fund

Camp ARCTIC Fund (for kids with arthritis)

Child Life Fund

Lori Lange Memorial Toy Fund