ANTHC Education and Development Center

To support rural health, ANTHC is launching a campaign to build an Education and Development Center for Tribal Community Health Providers across Alaska.

After years of makeshift, temporary spaces, the new Education and Development Center will provide the Tribal health system’s three Tribal Community Health Provider Programs with a lasting, state-of-the-art home. In a culturally responsive and rigorous learning environment, we will build professional connections between the Dental, Behavioral, and Community Health Aide Programs to provide whole-person, care in rural communities.

The ANTHC Education and Development Center will provide Tribal Community Health Providers a place to learn, collaborate and find empowerment and opportunity. It will strengthen the foundation for rural Alaskan care and be key to a brighter, healthier future for Alaska Native people.

Aleknagik Community Health Aide Lucy Tennyson.

The Community Health Aide Program is a network of about 550 Community Health Aides/Practitioners (CHA/Ps) in more than 170 rural Alaska villages. CHA/Ps are part of an established referral relationship that includes mid-level providers, physicians, regional hospitals, and the Alaska Native Medical Center. In addition, providers such as public health nurses, physicians, and dentists visit villages to see clients in collaboration with the CHA/Ps.  Meet Aleknagik Community Health Aide Lucy TennysonTo learn more about this program please visit here.
The Behavioral Health Aide (BHA) Program is designed to promote behavioral health and wellness in Alaska Native individuals, families and communities through culturally relevant training and education for village-based counselors. BHAs help address individual and community-based behavioral health needs, including those related to alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse as well as mental health problems such as grief, depression, suicide, and related issues. BHAs seek to achieve balance in the community by integrating their sensitivity to cultural needs with specialized training in behavioral health concerns and approaches to treatment. Meet Kiana Behavioral Heath Aide Claudia Simpson. To learn more about this program click here.

Kiana Behavioral Heath Aide Claudia Simpson

Nunam Iqua Dental Health Aide Angelica Afcan

Dental Health Aide Therapists (ADTEP’s) provide culturally appropriate dental education and routine dental services in Alaska Native communities, usually their home village, within the scope of their training. ADTEPs make important improvements in oral health for Alaska Native people in rural areas of our state. This model of dental care increases preventative care that help reduce high levels of cavities and other dental issues that lead to oral diseases. Meet Nunam Iqua Dental Health Aide Angelica Afcan. To learn more about this program click here.

The total project cost to bring the Education and Development Center to life is $24.5 million. ANTHC has already committed to invest $17.5 million in the project. We are stretching to make this significant investment because we know the reward for our people will be immense, but we need our community to help us take the final step. Through this campaign, we hope to raise $7 million and ensure the completion of this transformational space.
Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world. This is the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s vision, and with this campaign, we are ready to take a bold step towards making it a reality. But we can only do it with your support. Join us.

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